Nov 16, 2022

Release 9.0

With changing the product name, our team, service, and solid commitment to providing you with the best governance, risk, and compliance software remain unchanged.

Brand-New Name and UI Enhancements

With the new 9.0 release come significant changes. Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager has changed its name to Compliance Aspekte. This renaming symbolizes the entire journey of the solution — from a tool managing single-standard compliance to a full-fledged GRC solution covering all aspects of compliance management. 

With the brand-new name come other enhancements, such as functional and UI improvements emphasizing the modernity and complexity of Compliance Aspekte.

Improved Permission Management

Users can now issue granular permissions per Asset, Asset Group, or Process using a powerful permissions configuration tool. They also will be able to grant access to specific reports in a selected Concept.

New Protection Needs Features

With the latest 9.0. release, Compliance Aspekte has new protection needs inheritance features that provide more flexibility to the solution. 

We’ve added the new checkmark ‘Don’t apply in Protection needs proposals’ for each protection goal (Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity, custom protection). Activate this option to exclude the value of the protection need (e.g., ‘Very high’ for Confidentiality) from all subsequent protection needs inheritance chain.

We’ve also included two more principles to the “maximum” one to aggregate protection needs. Thus, Compliance Aspekte can apply distributive and cumulative principles: 

The cumulative principle is used when damage is brought together based on several minor damages. 

The distribution principle is applied when severe damage is distributed among several damages.

Azure AD Login

In the new release, Azure AD (Active Directory) integration has been added to provide security features, automate the login process and reduce the manual work of permission management.

Single Sign-On allows users to access all their internal and external applications with a single set of credentials. The multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection by using a phone call or a text message. 

Automatic Migration to ISO 27001/27002:2022

The system allows users to automatically migrate from the previous ISO 27001 standard version to the new 27001/27002:2022 version without losing any previous compliance evaluations.

New ISO/SAE 21434:2021 Standard

Also, a new standard has been added to Compliance Aspekte — ISO/SAE 21434:2021. This standard focuses on the engineering requirements for cybersecurity risk management for electric and electronic systems in motor vehicles, including their components and interfaces, product development, production, operation, maintenance, etc.

Updated versions of the standards

In the Compliance Aspekte release 9.0 the standards ISO 27002:2022, ISO 22301:2019, and TISAX® 5.1.0 were updated to the newest versions.

Other Important Features: 

  • User Management/Reset the password 

Users can now be forced to change their passwords when logging in. 

  • Renaming of Inventory Analysis

The Inventory Analysis tab was renamed Asset Structure Analysis.

  • New shortcuts

New keyboard shortcuts were added for higher work efficiency. 

  • Upgrade to the latest Angular version

The latest Angular version has many technical features that allow the development team to deliver faster and with even better quality. 

  • Improvement of accessibility for people with disabilities

Compliance Aspekte was tested and improved in accordance with Federal Ordinance on Barrier-Free Information Technology (Barrierefreie-Informationstechnik-Verordnung (BITV 2.0)

  • And many other features

TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association. Infopulse GmbH has no business relationship with ENX. Mentioning the TISAX® brand does not imply any statement by the brand owner on the suitability of the services advertised here.

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