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Our risk management software aims to support a straightforward process that guides users step by step through the risk management process.

Risk mitigation-oriented tool

Compliance Aspekte is built with risk reduction in mind. The entire system is focused on determining the needed actions and monitoring the delivery.

Users are encouraged not only to document the data but systematically work on reducing risks.

Competitive pricing

We believe that organizations of all sizes and industries need to be informed and mindful of potential risks.

And our pricing makes it available for any kind of business while providing all the needed functionality.


Compliance Aspekte is a multi-standard tool that allows managing risks and information security regarding any of the compliance standards and regulations.

Clients’ feedback

Compliance Aspekte is very user-friendly and customization is easy. We can conduct ISO compliance, and data protection…we can make anything we want in one tool. And this is the only tool with which it is possible. It helps us to keep the data consistent and simplify audits. The Compliance Aspekte tool is better than the existing competitors on the market and at the same time cheaper.

Sascha Koras
Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer

One of the features we like best about Compliance Aspekte is its streamlined compliance process. The interface has a clean and structured design, ensuring usability and workflow speed. This not only results in a steep learning curve for new users but also lets experienced users minimize effort. At every stage during the security management lifecycle process, recurring tasks like scoping, structural analysis, modeling, and even tracking risks and controls are supported by a variety of features, e.g. mapping controls with multiple requirements, assigning individual assets to different scopes as well as expanding requirement and control catalogs. On top of that, the performance of the platform is great – it is stable and good in terms of speed efficiency. Having Helga, the compliance assistance bot, is also a very special plus as she can explain terms and provides guidance through the application. We really love and live Compliance Aspekte!

Florian Süß
Senior Information Security Consultant at DATA SYSTEMS GmbH

We’ve been staying with Compliance Aspekte for a long time as it is one of the most convenient and flexible compliance tools on the market. With this tool, we can easily create our own assets, and asset types, import risk catalogs, create our own controls, define our own requirements in regard to the assets, pack them into modules, and then automate everything in a flexible way. Among the other decent features that we take advantage of, are user-friendly gap analysis, the possibility to switch from a tree view to grids, and extensive collaboration functionality. Overall Compliance Aspekte significantly reduces the time spent and the risks of mistakes.

Dirk Seeliger
Senior Consultant

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Risk management features

Catalog of threats

The Compliance Aspekte risk management system has a standard catalog of threats that you can connect with asset types through the requirements.

Users can use controls from different compliance standards, as well as your own general corporate catalog of controls.

Thus when creating a particular asset, the system automatically identifies which risks are inherent to this asset.

You can also easily import threats into the risk management system and determine automatically or manually, which risks get into risk management depending on the specified or inherited protection needs.

There are also additional features like associating risks with documents and adding risk owners in Compliance Aspekte.

Flexibly configurable risk matrix

Our tool offers defining risk levels using a flexible risk matrix adjustable to your business needs and visually represented in 4×4 or 5×5 format.

Risk registers

The risk registers can be presented in a tree or a grid view.

The grid view provides adding custom filters, grouping and sorting columns, and other grid functionality.

Additional attributes can be added to the risks with the help of user-defined fields. For instance, this feature may be used to add risk categories or divide risks by departments.

Collaboration tool

To enhance teamwork, the Compliance Aspekte risk management tool is enabled with extensive collaboration functionality.

The external users of the risk management solution can be granted access via a link to the particular asset with risk where they fill in the necessary information, and add comments.

Access to the system can be limited by adding a password and the validity period of the link.

Risk reports

Risk reports according to requirements of the standards.

The system allows generating reports according to the requirements of the standards such as BSI IT Grundschutz.

Risk Treatment

At the stage of risk treatment, users can choose how to cover the risk and select risk acceptance, risk mitigation, or risk transfer.

As a part of risk mitigation, different mitigation measures can be applied.

Controls post-assessment

Using the Compliance Aspekte risk management tool, you can evaluate the cost of each preventive action and add the amount of potential damage. Comparing those values helps to make a considered data-based decision on elimination or non-elimination of the risk.

Action tracking and tasks

Except for adding due dates of controls, the system allows to create tasks, and assign them to particular risks and responsible people.

You can use a task dashboard to track the overall performance of tasks.

Incidents Reporting

In Compliance Aspekte you can document incidents and link them to the relevant assets and asset types.

You can also import a list of incidents into the Compliance Aspekte risk management system from an external Ticket or IT Service management system using the CMDB import function.

Risk Analysis can be performed for each incident, either additional controls are applied to minimize incidents or other risk treatment activities are planned.

Using our tool you can prove to auditors that you take care of incidents and provide reports on incidents and related risks with corrective measures.

Key Risk Indicators (KRI) /Dashboards

The risk profiles can be displayed both on standard and custom dashboards.

For instance, In this way, you can compare last-year and current conditions.


Compliance Aspekte offers many customization options, including customizing information about risks via user-defined fields, custom reposts or dashboards, and others.

Risk Tips with the Helga smart bot

The in-built bot Helga can provide industry or your organization’s best practices.

Moreover, to simplify the risk management process, our system navigates users through the risk management it step by step.

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    Compliance AI bot

    Risk management is a process of determining, analyzing, and responding to risks, which are integral to any business. Companies must leverage efficient, effective, and competent risk management to meet threats and influence future outcomes. Thus, risk management provides firms with the potential to decrease both the possibility of a risk occurring and its potential consequence.

    Risk management is essential to any organization without no exclusion.

    It empowers companies with a framework to identify and deal with potential risks effectively. Once a risk has been identified, it is easier to mitigate. In addition, it provides an organization with a foundation upon which it can perform sound decision-making.

    Companies can usually respond to risks in three ways: avoidance, mitigation, or acceptance.

    When a company chooses the avoidance way, it tries to eliminate a particular risk by identifying and eradicating its cause.

    The mitigation allows a business to diminish the projected financial value associated with risk by decreasing the possibility of its occurrence.

    And the acceptance way means acceptance of the risk. It’s possible when a business develops contingencies to alleviate the impact of the risk or mitigating the risk may cost more than the amount of the potential risk.

    An efficient and straightforward risk management software helps companies to future-proof their business. To increase the effectiveness of the processes, the solution should includes:

    Visualization of all risks
    Modern tools will have customizable dashboards that will give you a complete view of risks. They’ll also help you create detailed and comprehensive reports and models on business data and risks.

    Full control over risks
    Such software empowers managers with more specific responsibilities over risks and threats by eliminating silos and presenting them with the complete picture of how risks may be interconnected and impact one another.

    Compliance with internal and external standards
    Software solution also helps companies comply with many internal and external regulations and standards by tracking all requirements and timely updating them when needed.

    Compliance Aspekte is an all-in-one risk management solution encompassing risk management, information security management, and data protection management in a single platform.

    Our integrated system provides companies with features to track all types of risks and in-built tools such as threat cataloging, risk registers, collaboration tool, reports, risk treatments, incidents reporting, dashboards, and many others to identify, analyze, and mitigate threats effectively.

    Compliance AI bot