Compliance Aspekte Roadmap for the Release 9.3

Adhering firmly to the agile development methodology, we release Compliance Aspekte updates on a quarterly basis to provide continuous delivery
of new added values.

We emphasize the significance of our customers’ contribution and encourage
them to take part in further product development with their feedback
on the desired new features. Such collaboration creates a synergic effect from which all parties benefit.

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Dashboards using Superset: Superset is a comprehensive platform designed for the exploration and visualization of user data through connections with SQL-based databases.

Custom Field Rules and Dependencies: Dependencies within custom fields are designed to establish connections between related custom fields. This ensures that when a primary field is completed, the related dependent fields become restricted in accordance with predefined rules.

Implementation Plan Based on Task Descriptions: Using task-related information, the Helga AI bot offers an implementation plan. This plan assists IT managers in meeting the requirements of standards and other guidelines effectively.

IT-Grundschutz 2024 and Migration to the Latest Version: This involves updating to the most recent version of IT-Grundschutz for the year 2024, ensuring compliance with current security standards.

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