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What is ISO 31000?

ISO 31000 is an international basic standard for risk management establishing guidelines and principles for managing risks in organizations of all sizes and types.

ISO 31000 implementation is not intended to serve as a basis for certification, but to help to increase the effectiveness of risk identification and treatment.

Benefits of implementing
ISO 31000

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  • ISO 31000 is based on the best available practices and techniques
  • The standard provides a practical, detailed, clearly described, and adaptive process for managing risks
  • It is dynamic and responsive to changes
  • Culture and human factors are taken into account in this standard
  • Protects organizations from threats meanwhile increase stakeholders and partners confidence in the ability of the company to successfully manage risks
  • Improves reputation and gives an advantage at tenders
  • Supports the decision-making
  • Serves as a foundation for implementing other standards of the ISO family

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31000 risk management

Why choose Compliance Aspekte for ISO 31000 compliance

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Easy and straightforward implementation of the ISO 31000 guidelines

Clear and friendly design of the system

Practical tool-based approach to risk management and risk management & compliance consulting

Adaptable catalog of threats specific to specific organization

Set of pre-defined threats catalog and ability to add the custom ones

Configurable 4×4 and 5×5 risk matrix

Risk registers available in both a grid and a tree view

Real-time analytics & reporting of your compliance and risk management state

Ability to add custom dashboards in addition to the standard

Task management functionality to observe the implementation progress

Significant scope of the available system customization

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Clients’ feedback

Compliance Aspekte is very user-friendly and customization is easy. We can conduct ISO compliance, and data protection…we can make anything we want in one tool. And this is the only tool with which it is possible. It helps us to keep the data consistent and simplify audits. The Compliance Aspekte tool is better than the existing competitors on the market and at the same time cheaper.

Sascha Koras
Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer

One of the features we like best about Compliance Aspekte is its streamlined compliance process. The interface has a clean and structured design, ensuring usability and workflow speed. This not only results in a steep learning curve for new users but also lets experienced users minimize effort. At every stage during the security management lifecycle process, recurring tasks like scoping, structural analysis, modeling, and even tracking risks and controls are supported by a variety of features, e.g. mapping controls with multiple requirements, assigning individual assets to different scopes as well as expanding requirement and control catalogs. On top of that, the performance of the platform is great – it is stable and good in terms of speed efficiency. Having Helga, the compliance assistance bot, is also a very special plus as she can explain terms and provides guidance through the application. We really love and live Compliance Aspekte!

Florian Süß
Senior Information Security Consultant at DATA SYSTEMS GmbH

We’ve been staying with Compliance Aspekte for a long time as it is one of the most convenient and flexible compliance tools on the market. With this tool, we can easily create our own assets, and asset types, import risk catalogs, create our own controls, define our own requirements in regard to the assets, pack them into modules, and then automate everything in a flexible way. Among the other decent features that we take advantage of, are user-friendly gap analysis, the possibility to switch from a tree view to grids, and extensive collaboration functionality. Overall Compliance Aspekte significantly reduces the time spent and the risks of mistakes.

Daniel Schreiner
Senior Account Executive at expertree

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    The process described in ISO 31000 consists of 2 main components: The Framework which defines how risk management should operate and be structured throughout an organization The Process consists of guidelines on identifying, analyzing, and treating risks.
    No, implementing ISO 31000 is not mandatory. It also can’t be used as a basis for certification. This standard is rather a set of recommendations for the successful management of threats in different kinds of companies.
    Compliance standards are often country-specific and suitable for organizations of a certain size or industry. In contrast, ISO 31000 is developed to be used by any kind of business. The described guidelines are relevant for medium, small, and enterprise companies, for private and for public organizations, and for healthcare, education, and other industries businesses.
    Our pricing starts from 49 euros/month/user. We would be happy to provide you with a free consultation on adapting the ISO 31000 standard and help you to choose the optimal pricing package for your compliance needs.
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