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With governance, risk, and compliance management all in one system, Compliance Aspekte is a modular tool designed to manage regulatory or company-specific standards, policies, and best practices.

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We were new to compliance and ISO 27001 implementation and had to go through the sophisticated certification process.

Puzzled by the regulatory complexity, we wanted to find the best way for us to get started. Our project manager (aka security officer) had never worked with such compliance aspects and rules before. So we decided to get third-party assistance and signed up with Compliance Aspekte.

Their guided approach has played a vital role for us. They had all the detailed explanations for compliance checks and risk analyses, including suggestions on how to handle it practically.

Thorsten R.

Compliance Aspekte is very user-friendly and customization is easy. We can conduct ISO compliance, and data protection...we can make anything we want in one tool. And this is the only tool with which it is possible. It helps us to keep the data consistent and simplify audits. The Compliance Aspekte tool is better than the existing competitors on the market and at the same time cheaper.

Sascha Koras
Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer

We’ve been staying with Compliance Aspekte for a long time as it is one of the most convenient and flexible compliance tools on the market. With this tool, we can easily create our own assets, and asset types, import risk catalogs, create our own controls, define our own requirements in regard to the assets, pack them into modules, and then automate everything in a flexible way. Among the other decent features that we take advantage of, are user-friendly gap analysis, the possibility to switch from a tree view to grids, and extensive collaboration functionality. Overall Compliance Aspekte significantly reduces the time spent and the risks of mistakes.

Dirk Seeliger
Senior Consultant

Information Security & Data Protection Managed Within a Single Tool

Implementation of data protection and information security management systems (ISMS) became obligatory in a majority of industries and companies nowadays.


Compliance Aspekte is an integrated compliance management system that saves a great amount of time by providing ISMS and DSMS within a single compliance and risk platform.


  • Solve your Information Security and Data Protection Management challenges within a single system
  • Save your time and efforts by reusing ISMS TOM (technical and organizational measures) when implementing your DPMS
  • Enhance your compliance processes by running a single risk management system for managing the identical threats
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Features of the Compliance Aspekte ISMS Software to Improve your Compliance Process

Organization Management

Easily represent the structure of your entire organization, its units, and departments in a tree model with Compliance Aspekte.


Asset Structure Analysis

Bring the asset structure analysis under complete control to guarantee an efficient compliance process:

  • Conduct external integrations.
  • Add custom attributes.
  • Classify assets by types & subtypes.
  • Identify particular objects as object classes.

Compliance Management

Manage and evaluate multiple compliance standards and regulations within a single platform.

The asset structure of Compliance Aspekte lets you build a custom asset tree model, evaluate assets at different levels, and accumulate them at the top.

In addition, our ISMS system allows you to create custom protection requirements and custom levels for these requirements.


Risk Management

Effortlessly identify threats related to certain assets and implement countermeasures to those threats by creating flexible matrixes and risk assessment scales as well as setting up risks & threats catalogs.


Reporting & Data Analytics

Streamline report automation and send them as email via the Compliance Aspekte Mail Bot, as well as analyze data from the ISMS tool in external data analytics platforms integrated with Compliance Aspekte.


Task Management & Collaboration

Effectively collaborate with internal and external users of the tool.

You can easily grant access to certain assets and data in Compliance Aspekte by providing a link to external users.


Integrations & Automation

Compliance Aspekte comes with the REST API so that you can seamlessly integrate the system with other asset management and CMBD solutions such as i-doit, GLPI, FNT Command, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft SharePoint, and others.

You can also access application data from the database through several defined datamarts.


Platform benefits

Enjoy the advantages of Compliance Aspekte: easy import of Requirements, Controls, and Treat catalogs, compatibility with multiple platforms, database support, secure backup, data recovery, and much more.


See Compliance Aspekte ISMS in action

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You are not alone with our ISMS software: Tool & ISMS Consulting

We are providing expert support on each stage of your information security compliance process

Advising, audit & certification preparation services
Implementing your ISMS & DSMS systems using one integrated platform
Performing a GAP analysis to ensure the effectiveness of compliance and data protection
Creating information technology frameworks for your needs
ISMS implementation services & IT security standards introduction
Data protection consulting services
Data Protection Officer as a service
Concept modeling, guidelines & documentation creation for your organization
Compliance training for your team

Start Using the Compliance Aspekte ISMS platform Easily

I use MS Excel or any other office tool

It’s challenging to manage compliance activities with the help of office software. That’s why many managers contemplate moving to a centralized ISMS software.

With seamless data migration functionality, adopting Compliance Aspekte is effortless.

You can always return to Excel by exporting files from Compliance Aspekte to your office documents.

With Compliance Aspekte, you can:

  • Perform an easy export from/to Excel
  • Use a familiar grid layout for more convenience
  • Crosslink your Compliance Aspekte files with office ones
I already have an
ISMS tool

If you’d like to take full advantage of the extensive functionality of an ISMS tool, we’ll help you migrate from your current software to Compliance Aspekte.

Compliance Aspekte provides:

  • Data import/export functionality
  • Integration options via API
  • Integration options via external services (REST API, database, software API)
  • Continuous support of our specialists during the entire process of migration
I use CMDB/ asset management software

Integrating your asset management software and our compliance tool can significantly benefit you. You’ll avoid data duplication, create efficient information security, and simplify compliance.

Compliance Aspekte can be integrated with asset management and CMDB systems:

  • I-doit
  • GLPI
  • FNT Command
  • MS System Center
  • SAP
I’m an absolute beginner at compliance

We provide a full-fledged Information Security Management System as well as a wide array of turn-key compliance services. We will help you set up or maintain an information security management system, and DSMS, and perform audits or certifications.

We offer:

  • ISMS tool & compliance services
  • Free onboarding services provided by a compliance expert
  • Compliance bot Helga
  • Ready-to-use compliance kits for many industries


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      An ISMS stands for Information Security Management System. It’s a set of policies, guidelines, and procedures that help companies effectively manage an organization’s information security. An ISMS focuses on guarding the three fundamental elements of information: its integrity, confidentiality, and availability.
      ISMS controls are policies, processes, and steps that you set up in an organization to reduce risks.
      To implement an ISMS into your organization, you need to take a few critical steps:

      1. Designate the right person or/and team. You need to have a person in your organization or consultant that would be responsible for information security management and ISMS implementation. Allocate them with time, budget, and knowledge to help them implement and run an ISMS.

      2. Use suitable software. You’ll need to find the right tools and systems to guide you and implement information security and risk management systems. Compliance Aspekte is comprehensive ISMS software that will provide you with a clear view of your compliance processes.
      Excel is a great tool with lots of possibilities. However, it might be too cumbersome to manage your ISMS. And it does not provide you with the automation and data accuract needed to manage information security effectively. With Compliance Aspekte, you’ll have a 360-degree view of your ISMS to help you comply with multiple information security standards.

      Compliance Aspekte provides advanced features for making compliance activities easier and structured by allowing a holistic view across compliance projects and assets. Use the system’s integrated standards, best practices, and recommendations to successfully handle information security at your organization.
      Compliance Aspekte is a flexible tool that allows the upload of external documents and files. Moreover, you can request external users to safely collaborate on documents in the system by inviting them via a link.
      Compliance Aspekte supports any standard required by your organization, such as, TISAX, ASPICE, B3S, ISO 9001, ISO 1400, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27019, ISO 31000, BSI IT Grundschutz, just to name a few.
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