Helga Bot – Your Personal Compliance Assistant

Compliance assistance bot Helga embodies the best state of the art technology and helps with compliance-related challenges. She combines the functions of an AI-driven online chat assistant and a mailbot for automating operational routines.

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How Helga helps to enhance compliance processes

Compliance Assistance: Practical Implementation of Helga

Advanced Onboarding with the Helga Chat Bot

Helga will become your A-Z guide helping you to work with the Compliance Aspekte. As a virtual compliance assistant she answers ”how-to” questions (product- and feature-related), e.g., “how to create a Concept”?

Intelligent Professional Compliance Assistance with the Helga Chat Bot

Any time you have a content-related question about a standard, its requirements and controls, or implementation, you can ask Helga for compliance assistance and get an instant response. Don’t look into hundreds of hard copies or search the Internet, just ask Helga instead, e.g. “What is GDPR?”

Compliance Routine Automation with the Mail Bot Helga

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