Helga Bot – Your Personal GPT-Based Compliance Assistant

The co-pilot based on Azure AI GPT technology enables the collection, evaluation, and creation of specific tasks to meet IT security and compliance requirements and minimize risks.

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Practical implementation
of the AI assistant Helga

  • Task Definition: Based on the collected information, the co-pilot provides specific tasks to meet the requirements of the standard and other relevant guidelines.
  • The AI-enabled chatbot answers questions about information security and data protection standards and regulations and their implementation in the Compliance Aspects software.
  • The AI-enabled chatbot responds to specific questions about company policies, policies, and further documents.
  • Enhanced Onboarding: Helga will be your “A-Z Guide” to assist you in working with the Compliance Aspects. As a virtual assistant, she answers all questions about the procedure (product and function related).
  • Intelligent Personal Support: Whenever you have a question about a standard, its requirements, measures, and compliance tools, or implementing the Compliance Management System, you can ask Helga and get an immediate response.

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