Frequently Asked Questions

We offer product licenses based on the subscription model – per user per month with annual payments.

The system can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud as a SaaS solution — in such case additional hosting charges are applied. In both cases, we offer such services as monitoring, upgrades, and backups.

Currently, the compliance management system is integrated with CMDB, asset management, and other tools. Additional integrations via API are also possible, please contact us for details.

The system has no limitations in terms of the number of users that can work in the system at the same time by design. During the testing, any corresponding performance issues were not discovered.

Yes, in such a case please contact us to sign a partnership agreement which would grant you free access to the tool while your clients would need to purchase the subscriptions for using the product.

Yes, we can cover the overall compliance aspect in organizations and take over the entire compliance management process.

Please send a request for a live demo here. After the demo, you would also obtain a free 3-months test account with no obligations attached.

Infopulse SCM is available in English and German.

Infopulse SCM is a tool with enhanced collaboration functionality, including access-sharing features.

It is possible to provide external users with access to particular data via a link, that can be additionally protected with a due date and password.

Using the filters the system allows granting of granular permissions per Asset/Asset Group, Process, or to certain reports.

If your compliance solution is based on Excel, GSTOOL, or other systems, we will help with a seamless migration to Infopulse SCM.

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