Integrated GRC Solution

Information security and data protection management, reporting, risk management, consulting, and compliance tasks management in one solution

  • Supporting multiple standards and regulations
  • Reusing assets within the system is enabled
  • Standard & custom third-party integrations
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Compliance Aspekte is an integrated complex compliance and risk management platform designed to support a wide variety of standards and regulations 

Thanks to its modern architecture, the system is scalable and can serve well small businesses and their specific tasks as well as complex purposes of enterprises covering all the aspects of the compliance processes.

Third-party integrations to optimize the compliance processes

To avoid double data entry and maintenance, automate and enhance compliance processes Compliance Aspekte can be integrated with such external systems as SAP, ServiceNow, i-doit as well as with other software solutions via REST API.


We are supporting either one-way or two-way integration with CMDB (e.g. i-doit, GLPI, Microsoft System Center) using a mechanism with an arbitrary system with an intermediate .xml file of a specific structure. 

Custom integrations

Integrations with other systems as external risk management systems are also possible through their external services (REST API, Database, software API). Such integrations are carried out upon the customers’ requests.

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