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Create your quality management system (QMS) with the help of the flexible, fast, and user-friendly Compliance Aspekte solution.

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What is ISO 9001:2015?

ISO 9001:2015 is the globally acknowledged standard that helps companies ensure the high-class level of their business by putting into place a quality management system (QMS), which provides an efficient way to manage an organization’s workflow to guarantee constant improvement and client satisfaction.

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Compliance Aspekte is a flexible GRC software solution that ensures fast, easy, and effective compliance with ISO 9001 and helps companies implement a customer-focused QMS to enhance performance, productivity, and profitability, and win customers’ trust.

What are the Main Benefits of ISO 9001?

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  • Enhances the quality of products and services
  • Lowers operational costs and increases the bottom line
  • Ensures a high level of customer satisfaction
  • Improves business reputation and wins stakeholders’ trust
  • Provides continuous improvement and assessment of your company

Build QMS with Compliance Aspekte

ISO 9001 tool
Create a holistic QMS from scratch using the system’s step-by-step guidelines to obtain the ISO 9001 certification
Safely consolidate all your business processes and documentation in a single platform
Follow in-built structured, standard requirements and instructions to control and share QMS documentation
Monitor and manage non-conformances and sustain compliance for your products and services
Solve your information security, data protection, risk, and quality management challenges with a single integrated software

Features of the Compliance Aspekte ISO 9001 software

Compliance Aspekte has a great number of features to implement a QMS and become ISO 9001 compliant. Compliance Aspekte offers:

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Automated and configurable reporting to help keep track of the compliance progress

Easy-to-use, customizable dashboards that provide a full overview of all ISO 9001 compliance management activities, with the capacity to identify overdue tasks and assess assets

Effortless data import of external relevant information for QMS

Easy integration with other compliance standards relevant your organization

Chat-bot Helga is available to answer all your queries twenty-four seven

Robust risk management module for identifying threats and implementing effective measures to those threats

Functionality for safe collaboration with external users

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    It is not mandatory for companies to have the ISO 9001 certificate. Although it is recognized as important in many industries, organizations can operate without certification. However, implementation of the standard helps companies of any size and business domain become more effective in improving the quality of their products and providing better services to their customers,

    The ISO 9001 standard is based on the quality management system principles found in ISO 9000, which include:

    Customer Focus: to meet and surpass client expectations.
    Leadership: to set goals and create the processes that will achieve them.
    Engagement of People: all employees at all levels need to believe in the company’s goals and have the desire to succeed.
    Process Approach: to determine standard and measurable processes that support leadership vision and the company’s goals.
    Improvement drives innovation, which is key to a quality management system.
    Evidence-based Decision-Making: measurement and assessment are essential for quality improvement.
    Relationship Management: to achieve success, companies must effectively handle their relationships with customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

    An ISO 9001 quality management enforces the PDCA approach, also known as the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. Simply put, it’s applying the scientific method to quality control to secure the ongoing improvement of a quality management system. It can be summarized as follows:

    Plan: The organization determines its objectives, allocates resources, and identifies risks and opportunities.
    Do: A quality management system is implemented in accordance with the organization’s plans.
    Check: Measurement is performed against expected outcomes and outputs by the organization.
    Act: Organizational deviations and inefficiencies are addressed through corrective actions.

    ISO 9001 software such as Compliance Aspekte utilizes the PDCA approach to help organizations offer products and services that fulfill and even exceed customer expectations, boost customer satisfaction, etc.

    Here are a few challenges that a company might face when implementing the ISO 9001 standard:

    Knowledge deficit. The lack of knowledge and understanding of how the standard works and what benefits it can bring to the organization.
    Individual needs and requirements. Every company takes diverse approaches when implementing the standard. It happens due to the differences in interpretation of the requirements and clauses of ISO 9001, which are caused by the differences in organizations’ structure, needs, and current state of their business.
    Multi-site coordination. Large organizations with multiple locations can meet some hurdles, as they must guarantee consistent roll-out of business processes across all their locations.
    Process approach. ISO 9001:2015 requires a process approach to ensure the smooth and correct functioning of a quality management system. It identifies business and operational processes inside the company and assigns identification for effectiveness which could be quite challenging to many companies.

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