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  • Single complex solution for GDPR and information security implementation
  • Ready-made ROPA, and PIA reports for audit
  • Consulting services
GDPR Software Tool
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Compliance Aspekte is a practical compliance software that helps to effectively implement ISMS and DPMS to get compliant with GDPR and other standards.

The integrated information security and data protection software allows to reuse the data within the system and thus helps to save a significant amount of time and ensure the consistency of the data.

  • One tool for all standards of your organization
  • Shared assets, TOMs, and risk management system
  • Flexible functionality
  • Ready-to-use ROPA and PIA reports
GDPR solution

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With the Compliance Aspekte GDPR Tool You Can Get

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In-built off-the-shelf data protection kit

Well-structured and intuitive DGPR compliance tool

External data protection officer (DPO) as a service

Audit of the current data processing performance

Centralized compliance IT system that ensures consistency

Reusing the data to implement other compliance standards like IT-Grundschutz or ISO 27001 within the Compliance Aspekte

Holistic data management with the integrations with the 3rd party asset management and CMDB systems

Integrated risk-management system

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Clients’ feedback

Compliance Aspekte is very user-friendly and customization is easy. We can conduct ISO compliance, and data protection…we can make anything we want in one tool. And this is the only tool with which it is possible. It helps us to keep the data consistent and simplify audits. The Compliance Aspekte tool is better than the existing competitors on the market and at the same time cheaper.

Sascha Koras
Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer

One of the features we like best about Compliance Aspekte is its streamlined compliance process. The interface has a clean and structured design, ensuring usability and workflow speed. This not only results in a steep learning curve for new users but also lets experienced users minimize effort. At every stage during the security management lifecycle process, recurring tasks like scoping, structural analysis, modeling, and even tracking risks and controls are supported by a variety of features, e.g. mapping controls with multiple requirements, assigning individual assets to different scopes as well as expanding requirement and control catalogs. On top of that, the performance of the platform is great – it is stable and good in terms of speed efficiency. Having Helga, the compliance assistance bot, is also a very special plus as she can explain terms and provides guidance through the application. We really love and live Compliance Aspekte!

Florian Süß
Senior Information Security Consultant at DATA SYSTEMS GmbH

We’ve been staying with Compliance Aspekte for a long time as it is one of the most convenient and flexible compliance tools on the market. With this tool, we can easily create our own assets, and asset types, import risk catalogs, create our own controls, define our own requirements in regard to the assets, pack them into modules, and then automate everything in a flexible way. Among the other decent features that we take advantage of, are user-friendly gap analysis, the possibility to switch from a tree view to grids, and extensive collaboration functionality. Overall Compliance Aspekte significantly reduces the time spent and the risks of mistakes.

Daniel Schreiner
Senior Account Executive at expertree

The In-built GDPR Kit Includes

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  • The typical structure of an organization
  • GDPR processing activities list
  • PIA assessment and reporting
  • Catalogs of threats and controls
  • The report on records of processing activities
  • Expert guidance on how to comply with GDPR requirements using the Compliance Aspekte ready-to-go kit
  • Pre-made PIA and ROPA reports for audit

Other Features
of our GDPR Compliance Tool

GDPR Compliance
  • Guidelines on requirements and technical organizational measures (TOMs) to comply with the GDPR based on international best practices
  • Predefined processes and objects in the GDPR context, e.g. ROPAs
  • Inbuilt Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Efficient compliance management according to the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle
  • Reporting and data protection documentation
  • Flexible adjustment to the needs of your organization with the custom fields and possibility of adding features on demand
  • In-built task management module
  • Extensive access management functionality

Single tool for compliance and risk management needs

Data Protection Management System (DSMS), according to GDPR

Compliance Aspekte allows efficient and competent data protection management. Users can simplify their compliance process with GDPR ready-to-go Kit, ready-made ROPA, and PIA reports for audit, as well as conduct risk analysis on the basis of data protection, and monitor their company’s compliance progress.

Information Security Management System (ISMS) for IT Grundschutz and numerous ISO standards

With the help of Compliance Aspekte, organizations can develop integrated ISMSs and reuse data to get compliant with different regulations and standards, safeguard essential and critical information, proactively assess threats and vulnerabilities, and develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Risk management tool

Compliance Aspekte has an in-built risk management system that is focused on the practical reduction of risks. The risk management functionality is easy-to-use and straightforward so that even non-compliance experts can comprehensively manage and mitigate risks of their organization.

The essence of GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation is a set of regulatory acts has entered into force in 2016 and became applicable in May 2018 and drastically changed how companies must collect and process private data.

Under this regulation, companies are required to provide transparency about how their data is processed. Thus individuals must be informed about how their data is processed and accept the terms and conditions to use online resources. It also provides individuals with a number of additional rights regarding their private data, such as the right for clear consent and withdrawal of consent to get an email, requesting, exporting, and removing all the stored data, and others.

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    Compliance AI bot

    Among the challenges of GDPR implementation can be named numerous regulatory requirements, unconsolidated data stored in disconnected silos, lack of flexibility in the software systems, and timely reports of data breaches.

    Compliance Aspekte is an integrated and flexible EU GDPR tool that helps companies to simplify their compliance and get single data storage.

    The standard is imposed on all companies running in the EU. It is applicable both for European Union-based companies and companies outside the EU if they provide services to EU citizens and process their private data.

    Non-compliance with GDPR can lead to costly penalties described in article 83 of the GDPR act. The fines reach up to €10 million, or 2% of the company’s annual revenue.

    Both internal and external data protection specialists can use Compliance Aspekte
    Compliance Manager to manage the overall compliance data and implement a wide array of standards, including GDPR, ISO family of standards, automotive standards like VDA ISA and ASPICE, and a number of other industry-specific standards.

    Our tools can be used by compliance officers as well as not experts in compliance. We provide GDPR and ISO consulting services and can take over the overall implementation of GDPR and other regulations.

    We provide a free test account for 3 months with no obligations. Please contact us to book a demo and get a test account.

    Compliance AI bot