Presenting GPT integration into Compliance Aspekte at it-sa 2023
October 10-12 | Booth: 303
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    Compliance Aspekte powered by Infopulse GmbH

    Our History

    Founded in 1992 in Germany, Infopulse GmbH has established its expertise in the area of complex technological solutions. Our core expertise lies in high-tech, automotive, and cloud domains, embedded software solutions, Microsoft services, and technologies as well as software- and IT-engineering consulting.

    Founding Compliance Aspekte

    Having amassed considerable expertise in the information security compliance domain, Infopulse GmbH decided to turn it into a full-fledged compliance management product. Thus, in 2018 Infopulse SCM was born that later became a refined GRC solution Compliance Aspekte. 

    Compliance Aspekte is a practical easy-to-use governance, risk, and compliance software that helps companies to cover all aspects of compliance management. The solution supports multiple standards and regulations, such as BSI IT-Grundschutz, GDPR, TISAX®, ISO 27001, ISO 27019, ISO 21434, UNECE WP.29, ISO 31000, ISO 9001, and many others. 

    In addition to the software, Infopulse GmbH also offers a wide range of consulting services that help organizations prepare for audits and certifications.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to spread best practices to a larger number of companies in a fast and efficient way. When followed, best practices produce excellent results. 

    Back in the day, they transferred in the form of methodologies and standards. Today, however, people rather need a tool that already contains best practices and makes implementing them easier, which is what Compliance Aspekte does. 

    We believe that new standards and methodologies have to be implemented in the course of weeks rather than years. Being continually enhanced in an agile environment, Compliance Aspekte can automatically migrate standards to their new versions and support the most recent compliance requirements.

    Compliance Aspekte helps compliance and non-compliance experts simplify GRC processes by helping to manage compliance aspects with a complex user-friendly solution, full support of standards and regulations implementation, and consulting services. 

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