Compliance Aspekte DPMS Tool with a
Ready-to-Use Data Protection Kit

  • Highly customizable system for your organization’s data protection needs
  • Provides the ready-made ROPA, and PIA reports for audit
  • Data protection software & consulting
  • DPMS and ISMS together
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We were new to compliance and ISO 27001 implementation and had to go through the sophisticated certification process.

Puzzled by the regulatory complexity, we wanted to find the best way for us to get started. Our project manager (aka security officer) had never worked with such compliance aspects and rules before. So we decided to get third-party assistance and signed up with Compliance Aspekte.

Their guided approach has played a vital role for us. They had all the detailed explanations for compliance checks and risk analyses, including suggestions on how to handle it practically.

Thorsten R.

One of the features we like best about Compliance Aspekte is its streamlined compliance process. The interface has a clean and structured design, ensuring usability and workflow speed. This not only results in a steep learning curve for new users but also lets experienced users minimize effort. At every stage during the security management lifecycle process, recurring tasks like scoping, structural analysis, modeling, and even tracking risks and controls are supported by a variety of features, e.g. mapping controls with multiple requirements, assigning individual assets to different scopes as well as expanding requirement and control catalogs. On top of that, the performance of the platform is great - it is stable and good in terms of speed efficiency. Having Helga, the compliance assistance bot, is also a very special plus as she can explain terms and provides guidance through the application. We really love and live Compliance Aspekte!

Florian Süß
Senior Information Security Consultant at DATA SYSTEMS GmbH

Constantly evolving regulations such as BSI IT-Grundschutz and GDPR are a must for us as a healthcare organization.

As critical infrastructure providers, we need reliable and customizable compliance software. It was easy to adapt Compliance Aspekte to our processes. We can assess our clinic’s areas and processes in terms of security and data privacy. Besides, it enabled us to maintain a complete compliance record for the BSI IT-Grundschutz and GDPR (DSGVO) audit.

Dr. Eckehardt S.
Deputy Director

Core Features of the Compliance Aspekte
Ready-to-Go Data Protection Tool Kit

Predefined typical organizational structure
A list of processing activities to meet the requirements of GDPR Art 30
PIA assessment and PIA reporting (Art 35)
Catalogs of threats and controls relevant to Data protection
Records of processing activities report (Art 30)
Expert support with a clear and comprehensive explanation on how to meet GDPR requirements with the Compliance Aspekte Kit

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Features of the Compliance Aspekte Data Protection Management System


Organization Management

Compliance Aspekte allows you to have all your entire organization’s branches and units mapped in a tree structure.

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Asset Structure Analysis

With the help of Compliance Aspekte, analyze the existing assets, their structure, connections, and business processes for effective compliance. Add custom attributes, classify assets by types and subtypes, and map particular objects as object classes.

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Compliance Management

Assess and handle requirements of diverse compliance standards and regulations within a single project. With the help of the asset structure of our DPMS tool, build a custom asset tree structure, evaluate, and aggregate assets on different levels. Create custom protection requirements and their levels.

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Risk Management

Identify threats to particular assets and implement appropriate measures to those threats. Create flexible risk matrices, risk assessment scales, and customize risks & threats catalogs.

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Reporting & Data analytics

Automate the report generation with Infopulse SCM, and send them as emails via the in-built Mail Bot. Expose the data from the DPMS solution for analysis in external data analytics software integrated with Compliance Aspekte.

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Task Management & Collaboration

Take full advantage of the Compliance Aspekte collaboration functionality. Work safely with external users who can contribute to the compliance process by providing them with a link to the tool.

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Integrations & Automation

Integrate the GRC solution with CMDB and asset management tools such as i-doit, GLPI, FNT Command, Microsoft System Center, Microsoft SharePoint, and other software. In addition, Compliance Aspekte comes with the REST API for automation. Application data is available from the database through several defined datamarts.

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Additional, but not least

Enjoy the benefits of Compliance Aspekte: vast logging of changes, import of Requirements, Controls & Threat catalogs, multiplatform compatibility, database support, secure backup and restoration of all data, and many more.

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Data protection Software & Consulting at One

  • Data privacy advice and audit services
  • Support in complying with all relevant requirements of the data protection regulations
  • Implementing your DPMS
  • Introducing the data protection management software to ensure enhanced compliance process and data
  • Integrity
  • External Data Protection Officer as a service
  • Employee Data protection training and workshops
  • The implementation of the technical and organizational data protection measures
  • Data protection management of your organization
  • Communication with the supervisory authorities

Save time by implementing ISMS and Data Protection Management System within a single platform

Nowadays most companies must implement both information security and data protection management systems. Compliance Aspekte is a robust GRC solution that saves businesses time by providing ISMS and DPMS in one system.


With Compliance Aspekte, you can:


  • Overcome all your information security and data protection management challenges
  • Save time and effort by reusing technical and organizational measures when implementing your DPMS
  • Boost your compliance processes using a single risk management system to manage identical threats

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      Compliance chat bot
      A data protection management system or DPMS is a system that provides organizations with proper control over their data. It encompasses regulations, processes, and measures for frequent control over personal data. A DPMS also allows companies to effectively manage private information while complying with data protection laws.
      Though office tools are commonly used for data protection management, they can’t be called the safest and most comfortable solution. Using a DPMS tool has quite a few advantages:

    • There is a high risk of inaccuracy when working in Excel. First of all, there might be too many spreadsheets. And second, information in Excel is input manually, which can easily lead to multiple arrows
    • Security is hard to implement in Excel as spreadsheets can easily get shared copied, and distributed in various sources. DPMS tools have robust functionality that ensures utmost security for your information stored in the system
    • Data protection management software has more sophisticated permission and access controls compared to Office tools
    • With the help of DPMS, you can safely invite external parties to collaborate in the system without compromising information
    • A DPMS system can be updated within minutes, while in Excel, it's hard to update all data simultaneously
    • Except of the DSGVO, Compliance Aspekte can support any regulations such as BSI IT-Grundschutz, ISO 27001, ISO 31000, ISO 27019, ISO 22301, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 37001, ASPICE, TISAX, B3S and other standards on your demand.
      Compliance Aspekte is a flexible DPMS tool that supports multiple standards and allows you to add others within a couple of days. Our experts will support you at every stage of your data protection management.
      We don’t only provide a software solution helping companies comply with diverse standards, but we also offer consulting services to help you become compliant.

      Here are a few examples of the consulting services we provide:

    • Support with implementing, managing, and optimizing your ISMS and DSMS.
    • Training on data protection & data security
    • Preparing your organization for future audits or certifications
    • External data protection officer service
    • Compliance Aspekte has comprehensive security risk management that includes Risk Identification, Risk Assessment, Risk Treatment, and Risk Reporting & Documentation. With Compliance Aspekte, you’ll get an easy and accurate risk assessment.
      Compliance chat bot