Features of Compliance Aspekte

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Complex GRC Tool for Every Aspect of Your Compliance Management

ISMS & DSMS Implementation

Compliance Aspekte enables the implementation of numerous information security and data protection standards and regulations within a single system.

The tool’s ability to reuse technical and organizational measures within the system further streamlines the compliance process and simplifies the implementation of multiple regulations simultaneously.

Ready-to-use Compliance Kits

We offer a range of ready-to-use Compliance Kits, including the ISO 27001/ISO 27002 Starter Kit, Datenschutz-Kit, IT-Grundschutz Starter Kit, and Kit für Hochschulen.

The kits include preconfigured templates, tools, and resources designed to help organizations simplify compliance with specific regulations or standards, including predefined organizational structures, reporting templates, pre-made PIA and ROPA reports for data protection management and more.

Risk Management Module

Compliance Aspekte’s risk management feature is designed to help organizations identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with compliance.

It enables users to create and manage risk assessments, track identified risks, and implement appropriate controls to mitigate them.

Reporting & Customizable Dashboards

Easy-to-use reporting features and customizable dashboards provide a general insight into compliance processes.

Functionality of Compliance Aspekte


Compliance Aspekte allows mapping the overall organizational structure with all the branches and units in a tree structure.


Compliance Aspekte helps to investigate existing assets, their structure, connections, and relevant business processes to ensure an effective compliance process.

The tool allows for adding custom attributes, conducting external integrations, classifying assets by types and subtypes, and mapping particular objects as object classes.



The Compliance Aspekte tool enables the management of compliance requirements through custom assets tree structure, evaluation of assets on different levels, and protection requirements inheritance with defined rules. It also allows for the creation of custom protection requirements and levels.



The Compliance Aspekte risk management module enables the identification of potential threats related to specific assets and countermeasures by creating customizable risk matrixes and assessment scales, as well as tailoring risks and threats catalogs.


The Compliance Aspekte tool automates the report generation and allows their distribution through the use of the Compliance Aspekte Mail Bot. Our tool allows the integration of external data analytics systems to analyze data from the tool.



To enhance the effectiveness of compliance processes, we offer collaboration functionality to our clients. With Compliance Aspekte, external users can gain access to specific assets and data through a link, allowing them to actively participate in the compliance process.

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