ISO 27001 certification: Quick and practical implementation

  • Conducting internal and certification audit
  • Full support with setting your ISMS
  • Assistance with ISO 27001 implementation
  • ISO 27001 to ensure your information consistency and seamless certification year after year
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Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification

Zertifizierung nach ISO 27001
  • Establish an information security management system and eliminate gaps in IT security
  • Win more clients and secure your current customers
  • Meet requirements of public and corporate tenders
  • Avoid data breaches, huge fines and reputational damage
  • Heighten information securing awareness among your employees

Why implement ISO 27001 with Compliance Aspekte?

Mit Experten sprechen
  • Easy coordination and optimization of the diversity and complexity of assets in line with your objectives and priorities
  • Holistic view across ISO 27001 compliance program
  • Access to regulations knowledge database and risk management recommendations
  • Regular updates of the regulations available with each new SCM release
  • Extensive risk management system: adaptable catalog of threats specific to an individual organization
  • Prioritized risk recognition to protect critical assets
  • Identification of threats and vulnerabilities
  • Ability to implement information security and data protection systems with a single tool
  • Implement multiple information security and data protection standards using an integrated compliance tool
  • Reuse corporate catalogues of conrols


We were new to compliance and ISO 27001 implementation and had to go through the sophisticated certification process. Puzzled by the regulatory complexity, we wanted to find the best way for us to get started. Our project manager (aka security officer) had never worked with such compliance aspects and rules before. So we decided to get third-party assistance and signed up with Compliance Aspekte. Their guided approach has played a vital role for us. They had all the detailed explanations for compliance checks and risk analyses, including suggestions on how to handle it practically.

Thorsten R.

Compliance Aspekte is very user-friendly and customization is easy. We can conduct ISO compliance, and data protection…we can make anything we want in one tool. And this is the only tool with which it is possible. It helps us to keep the data consistent and simplify audits. The Compliance Aspekte tool is better than the existing competitors on the market and at the same time cheaper.

Sascha Koras
Governance, Risk & Compliance Officer

Constantly evolving regulations such as BSI IT-Grundschutz and GDPR are a must for us as a healthcare organization. As critical infrastructure providers, we need reliable and customizable compliance software. It was easy to adapt Compliance Aspekte to our processes. We can assess our clinic’s areas and processes in terms of security and data privacy. Besides, it enabled us to maintain a complete compliance record for the BSI IT-Grundschutz and GDPR (DSGVO) audit.

Dr. Eckehardt S.
Deputy Director

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ISO 27001ISO 27001

Useful features of Compliance Aspekte for ISO 27001 implementatio

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Inventory Analysis

Compliance check & Risk Management

Compliance assessment according to security and privacy requirements (ISO 27701)

Automatic mapping of controls to requirements and assets (Сatalog of controls from ISO 27002)

Task management and alerts

Performance monitoring through Dashboards

User-defined Reporting

Integration with CMDB and other systems

Import and export of data from/to external systems

Сollaboration tool

Sharing access to particular assets via a link and enabling easy team collaboration

Helga-bot helping on each stage of the BSI ISO 27001 compliance journey

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Enjoy seamless data migration with import/export to Excel files

All changes made to Excel files can be imported into the Compliance Aspekte system, which allows you to bulk edit multiple assets.
ISO 27001 solution

Before export:

initial data



Excel-Datei: Vorgenommene Änderungen

Excel file: 

implemented changes

ISO 27001 implementation

After import: 

changed data imported

to the system

How to get started with Compliance Aspekte

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You are a compliance expert or have a compliance expert in your team

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With the compliance experts you take an advantage of all the available functionality of Compliance Aspekte and implement ISMS according to requirements of ISO 27001 and other standards.
Our compliance consultants are guiding you through all of the stages of implementing your organization’s ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system as well as assisting you with undergoing an audit.
You maintain your ISO 27001 information security management system and prepare for internal and surveillance audits.

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      Compliance AI bot
      The ISO 27001 standard outlines requirements for ISMS ISO 2700. The ISO 27000 family is centered around ISO 27001, which is one of the most essential standards. The ISO 27001:2013 standard sets out the framework for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). It is essential to obtain ISO 27001 certification in order to safeguard the most valuable assets of any organization.
      Any organization that wishes or is required to strengthen its business processes in the area of security, privacy, and information asset protection should apply for ISO 27001. The size and revenue of a company do not dictate the need for ISO 27001 compliance of an organization. Even the smallest of companies may have customers or stakeholders, who need to be assured of their partners’ security.
      Obwohl es sich um eine der beliebtesten und begehrtesten Sicherheitszertifizierungen auf dem Markt handelt, bleibt ISO/IEC 27001 wünschenswert, aber nicht verpflichtend.
      The overall ISO 27001 cost consists of the expenses for preparing for assessment, implementing compliant security systems, security workshops, training and tests for the team, and internal and surveillance audits in 2 and 3 years. Thus the final ISO 27001 price depends on a lot of factors, including company size, the current state of information security, the complexity of ISMS, and others. At the end of the day, 27001 certifications may cost both €5,000 and €35,000. Using a practical compliance tool like Compliance Aspekte streamlines the ISO 27001 preparation, ensures data integrity, and thus significantly cuts costs.
      Same as with the cost, a lot of factors have an impact on the ISO 27001 implementation length. Present information security performance, size of the organization, information security expertise, business maturity, and team involvement affect the certification process. Overall the ISO 27001 certification can take from 3 to 15 months.
      Compliance AI bot