Jun 14, 2022

Infopulse SCM 8.6: Automatic Migration to IT-Grundschutz 2022 & Powered up Usability

Infopulse SCM 8.6 is out now! Take full advantage of automatic migration to IT-Grundschutz 2022, the import to/from Excel feature, Asset type and protection needs inheritance.

Managing your compliance activities has become even more flexible, simple and faster with the recent SCM 8.6 release. The updated version of Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager helps you automatically migrate to the latest IT-Grundschutz 2022, effortlessly streamlines the data export/import with the help of MS Excel, and effectively handles the Asset type and protection needs inheritance, and provides you with other enhanced features to facilitate your GRC strategy.

Automatic Migration to IT-Grundschutz 2022

Don’t spend hours manually migrating from IT-Grundschutz 2021 to the 2022 version of the Compendium. The Infopulse SCM 8.6 lets you perform the migration automatically, preventing data silos and guaranteeing its integrity.

Together with IT-Grundschutz 2022 comes a toolkit with practical guidelines for securing networks and information, setting up an ISMS, and protecting particularly sensitive data.

The new functionality of Infopulse SCM will allow you to:  

  • implement and maintain ISMS based on the BSI IT-Grundschutz 2022;
  • successfully perform step-by-step preparation for the audit and certification;
  • complete system update on time to meet current changes;
  • maintain data safety and consistency for all the previous evaluations.

Quick & Easy Data Export and Import with Excel 

Employ the new feature for the data import from/to MS Excel to quickly and easily transfer Assets (Inventory Analysis data) and their attributes through the solution’s interface. This component also allows you to migrate necessary data from other sources and tools. 

If you need to update multiple fields by inserting or adding new values, you can fastly transmit the required data from the system into an Excel file, make necessary changes there, and import it back. What’s more, you can export data to/from Excel by performing single or bulk updates of current asset values. 

User-Defined Inheritance of Asset Types 

Experience the substantial level of the solution’s flexibility by defying the tree structure with a fixed hierarchy. Infopulse SCM 8.6 allows you to dynamically restructure the Asset Tree by moving the position of Asset types within the tree. Using the feature in this way helps you configure how the inheritance of protection needs will be working, and suggestions for protection needs will be applied, that is, which asset type will be superordinate and which one will be subordinate. 

Enhanced Catalog Flexibility  

In Infopulse SCM 8.6, you can create Catalogs in the Profile Library module for all main entities such as Modules, Requirements, Controls, and Threats. This allows you to group and structure data that extends your flexibility when creating new standards or managing custom ones. 

In addition to importing the requirements, controls, and threats via Standard upload, you can now also import your catalogs. 

User-friendliness with Bulk Edit Options

Use Infopulse SCM 8.6 in the most convenient, faster, and time-effective way with the Bulk Edit Options: 

  • modify multiple Profile objects at once by bulk deleting or ‘adapting’ to allow new changes;
  • use a multi-choice checkbox to make modifications in Modules, Assets, Requirements, Controls, and Threats in the Profile Library module; 
  • bulk copy Assets in Inventory Analysis as well as create new Assets based on existing ones. It saves time when you create the template for the typical evaluation structure (ASSET SET) and copy from it.

Other Improvements

Each new release can come with robust custom features. This option is available to every сlient who has a requirement that needs to be attended to on an individual basis. If you have a specific feature in mind, we can develop and implement it to meet your business objectives. 

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