Apr 25, 2024

Compliance Aspekte 9.3: AI Magic, Master-Child Concepts Relations, New Dashboards, NIST report, and more.

Compliance Aspekte is excited to announce the release of version 9.3, which introduces a range of new features designed to streamline and enhance the compliance management process.

This latest release focuses on the integration of Master-Child concept relationships, AI-powered automated infrastructure creation, dynamic dashboards, and the introduction of the NIST 800.171 report, among other advancements.

Master-Child Concepts Relations

This update allows the propagation of changes from a Master Concept to Child Concepts. Users can now manage reusable assets more efficiently, applying evaluations across multiple concepts with ease. This feature supports the selective acceptance or rejection of changes in Child Concepts, ensuring that updates align with specific compliance needs.

AI Magic: Automated Infrastructure Creation

By leveraging AI capabilities, Compliance Aspekte now offers an automated process for creating company infrastructure. Users can interact with the Helga AI Chat or upload a file to dynamically generate critical assets such as buildings, networks, servers, and databases, drastically reducing the time and effort required to set up complex infrastructures.

Enhanced Dashboards

Custom Data Source in Grids (table views)

Custom Grids now provide users with the flexibility to display custom data or content in a more tailored manner. These grids support advanced data manipulation capabilities such as filtering, sorting, grouping, and searching, enabling users to handle complex datasets effectively.

Dashboards Based on Superset

Superset integration enhances the dashboard capabilities, allowing for more intuitive and dynamic data visualization. Users can create detailed charts and visualizations, from simple metrics to intricate geospatial analyses, directly within Compliance Aspekte. This integration supports a broad spectrum of data visualization needs, making it easier for users to get insights from their compliance data and make informed decisions.

NIST 800.171 DoD Assessment Report

The newly integrated NIST report assists organizations in evaluating their compliance with NIST 800.171 requirements, helping improve security implementations where needed.

Enhanced Password Policies

To strengthen security, new password policies have been implemented. These policies enforce password complexity, expiration, and history requirements, enhancing the protection of sensitive information against unauthorized access.

Sharing Assets within System

A new feature for internal collaboration, “Share Asset with system users,” allows assets to be shared among system users, enabling them to review and track changes collaboratively in the History tab.

New and updated Standards

The release introduces several new and updated standards.

The newly introduced standards include:

  • DORA 
  • ISA TISAX 6.0 
  • ISO/IEC 27017 
  • ISO/IEC 27018 
  • NIST CSF 2.0 Core 
  • ISO/IEC DIS 27019: 2023 
  • BSI TR-03138 RESISCAN 
  • ISO 26262 

The NIST 800.171 standard was updated to the newest version.

Further Innovations

Compliance Aspekte 9.3 also features Reminders for Compliance Monitoring, Mandatory custom fields with Predefined value, Dynamic Collapsible Sections for Custom Fields, Label-Only Custom Field Type, Jira Server synchronization, and more even more new functionality.

About Compliance Aspekte

Compliance Aspekte is a leading provider of comprehensive compliance management software solutions, dedicated to helping organizations efficiently navigate and meet complex regulatory requirements. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Compliance Aspekte ensures that businesses can achieve and maintain compliance effectively.

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