Oct 31, 2023

Compliance Aspekte 9.2: GPT enablement, Integration with Azure and SAP infrastructures, enhanced ASPICE reporting, and more

Compliance Aspekte Launches Version 9.2 with Innovative Features for Enhanced IT Security and Compliance

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest version of our product, Compliance Aspekte 9.2. This release comes packed with new features and improvements designed to bolster organizations’ IT security and compliance management capabilities.

Integration of Azure AI GPT into the compliance management platform

This innovative Information Security Copilot, powered by the Azure AI GPT technology, assists organizations in gathering vital information and generating actionable tasks to address IT security requirements and mitigate risks. 

The AI-enabled chatbot can respond to queries related to information security and data protection standards, guiding how to implement them effectively using Compliance Aspekte’s software.

Integration with Azure infrastructures

With this integration, organizations can easily establish a robust ISMS and DSMS around their Azure infrastructure. Compliance Aspekte connects to Azure, extracting essential details about IT assets and automatically assigning the requirements and controls from various regulations and standards, including BSI C5, BSI IT Grundschutz, ISO/IEC 27001, SAP® ERP 6.0 (DSAG).

Compliance Aspekte allows to logically connect assets to understand their dependencies from a business continuity management standpoint, create a dependency graph, and identify issues, such as the impact of a single virtual machine becoming unavailable.  

Integration with SAP

Compliance Aspekte integrates with SAP to extract data such as Users, Roles, Transactions, Authorization objects, and other items used for SAP security configuration.  

Once the information about security-related assets is integrated into Compliance Aspekte, the platform assigns best practices, monitors changes in real-time, and provides visibility into the best and worst practices, crucial for identifying deviations.  

Automotive SPICE report and dashboard

For organizations adhering to the Automotive SPICE standard, Compliance Aspekte provides a tailored ASPICE report and dashboard. The ASPICE report illustrates the implementation of all practices in the context of the asset set, while the ASPICE dashboard displays the expected and actual capability level mode for each process outcome, ensuring a comprehensive view of compliance status.

New and updated Standards

The release introduces several new and updated standards.

The newly introduced standards include:

  •  IT-Grundschutz 2023, BSI C5:2020
  • the requirements of BnetzA
  • DSAG: Prüfleitfaden SAP® ERP 6.0
  • Guideline for good clinical practice E6(R2)
  • APP.4.2: SAP-ERP-System
  • Group Basic Software Requirements (KGAS)
  • OPDV Programmfreigabe nach BAIT/KAIT
  • Landesbanken Standard

The ASPICE 3.1  Automotive SPICE standard was updated to the newest version.

Additional Improvements

Version 9.2 also features an import/export mechanism for updating protection needs from Excel files and the ability to store secret keys securely in Azure Key Vault, among the number of bug fixes.

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