Mar 30, 2023

Compliance Aspekte 9.1: History of changes, Document Generation, Automatic Risk Acceptance Changes, Jira Integration, and more

Introducing Release 9.1, Compliance Aspekte announces the release of new features.

Observing the history of changes is one of the most significant enhancements in the new release. The system also offers document generation, integration with Jira, custom protection goals, custom fields for tasks, licensing details, and bug fixing. With these updates, Compliance Aspekte continues to provide innovative solutions that promote better compliance management practices for organizations.

Automatic Risk Acceptance Changes

The Compliance Aspekte tool now offers automatic risk acceptance changes. This feature enables risks to be accepted automatically if their defined probability and damage value are less than the maximum limit. However, if the multiplication of their defined probability and damage is equal to, or greater than the maximum value, it will not be automatically accepted.

History of Changes

The Compliance Aspekte tool provides a history of changes made on organizational Assets, Сontrols, and Threat levels. Users can easily track all the activities performed on their assets; detailed information is available such as actions taken (create, update, delete), user name, and time stamps.

Document generation

Another new feature of Compliance Aspekte is document generation. With this feature, users can extract information from Compliance Aspekte and use it to create Word documents, such as reports.

Integration with Jira

From now on Compliance Aspekte offers integration with Jira. Users can create tasks in Compliance Aspekte that will be automatically created in Jira. When the task is updated in Jira, corresponding changes are reflected in Compliance Aspekte.

Custom protection goals with custom levels

Compliance Aspekte now offers custom control over risk analysis activation and the inclusion of high-level requirements into evaluations for custom protection goals and levels. Users have the option to activate or deactivate these options depending on their needs.

Custom fields for Tasks

This feature allows users to add additional data to tasks in various formats. Users have the flexibility of configuring new tabs and sections (sub-groups) of data for each task.


With the new update, the Compliance Aspekte tool allows users to view their product license information directly. Users can access important information such as the license package, number of users, and license expiration date.

Bug Fixing

Compliance Aspekte’s newest updates eliminate existing bugs. The update has fixed such bugs as duplicating threats, limited access to user data, unresponsive save/cancel buttons, and creating concepts based on existing profiles.

Compliance Aspekte’s new features highlight the platform’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that help businesses manage their compliance management processes better.

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