Compliance Aspekte Smart Compliance Management System

Compliance Aspekte is a flexible all-in-one compliance management software that helps organizations of different sizes and industries to implement any information security and data protection compliance standards and regulations and fully customize the system to the organization’s needs.

Compliance Management System

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Why Choose Compliance Aspekte?

Beratung und Vorbereitung

Compliance software and consulting in one

Compliance Aspekte is more than a software solution for compliance management.

Our experts provide a wide array of compliance consulting services. They can take over your organization’s compliance processes with a tool-based approach that ensures your data integrity.


ISMS & DSMS in a single platform

Our platform allows building both ISMS and DSMS and reusing assets and TOMs within the Compliance Aspekte compliance management system.

Therefore way the users save time and ensure the correctness of data.

Flexible Funktionalität und Preise

Flexible functionality and price models

Compliance Aspekte provides almost unlimited customization of the system to suit the unique requirements of every business. We are also open to adapting the pricing model to meet particular cases and needs. Compliance Aspekte provides almost unlimited customization of the system to suit the unique requirements of every business.

We are also open to adapting the pricing model to meet particular cases and needs.


Ready-to-use kits for various domains

Our ready-to-implement compliance kits for universities, IT-Grundschutz, ISO, and other standards help to minimize the efforts, time, and resources needed to implement particular standards.

The compliance kits start from €499.

Durch die Wiederverwendung

Multi-standard regulatory compliance software

The tool has one of the most extensive coverages of compliance standards. In addition, Compliance Aspekte’s clients can add other standards upon request. Reusing data access for multiple standards saves our clients time and maintains data accuracy.

Plattform für alle Compliance-Standards, ISMS und DSMS

Ease of use and modern design

Our system was created with the users in mind. The intuitive and responsive design of the solution will make your user journey seamlessness.

For utmost convenience, your asset, compliance, and risk data can be presented in a tree view or an Excel-like layout enabled with wide functionality.

Available Out-of-the-Box Integrations

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Compliance Aspekte offers a wide choice of secure out-of-the-box integrations with multiple systems:

  • i-doit
  • Asset Management Tools
  • Configuration Management Databases
  • SAP
  • MS Sharepoint
  • ServiceNow
  • And Many More

ISMS & DPMS in Compliance Aspekte

Compliance management in Germany and other countries, require organizations to implement an information management security system (ISMS) and data security management system (DSMS). 

Compliance Aspekte is a comprehensive tool that integrates DSMS and ISMS in a single platform.

ISMS & DSMS in Compliance Aspekte allow: 

  • Reuse assets and technical and organizational measures
  • Build a unified risk management system for the same threats
  • Save plenty of time and resources

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    Starting at €49/month, we offer a variety of pricing plans. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for more details so that we can suggest the ideal pricing package according to your needs.

    Yes. Our team provides the clients with any assistance they may need with setting up or using our software.

    You don’t need to have compliance knowledge to use the Compliance Aspekte compliance management system, as we offer consulting services for any level of expertise. You can rely on our consultants to help you navigate the compliance process from start to finish.

    You can contact us for a free 3-month trial with no obligations and credit card required.

    Absolutely. Using the Compliance Aspekte tool, you can add any custom requirements and control.

    Please contact us so that we can schedule a time that is convenient for you. We will walk you through the features of the tool, discuss how it can assist in your organization’s compliance needs, and answer any questions that you may have.

    Sure. Standards Compliance Manager allows integration with asset management systems and CMDBs. As a result, your data assets are usable and manageable centrally.