Nov 26, 2019

Joining the Cyber Security Alliance

Infopulse became a member of the Cyber Security Alliance (Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit - ACS), Germany.
Infopulse SCM Cybersecurity Alliance Germany

The Cyber Security Alliance appeared on the Cyber Security scene in 2012. Its founder is the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Germany. The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen resilience against cyber-attacks. Over 4,000 organizations from the European Union and beyond have joined the Alliance.

The Advisory Board is set up to reflect on the work of the Cyber Security Alliance. Fulfilling advisory functions it provides an impetus for future activities and topics. The network represents IT service companies, manufacturers, and industries. This diversity guarantees a productive exchange of expertise between all parties.

Membership in the Alliance increases Infopulse’s security potential. In its turn, Infopulse brings in its unique experience and innovative engineering value. With a variety of hi-end security solutions and services, we become a productive contributor to:

  • The expertise of the BSI and the partners of the Cyber Security Alliance.
  • The trustful exchange of experience with other companies and institutions. Collaboration on security topics: attack vectors, protective measures, security management tips, incident handling, etc.
  • The partner offers and proposals for the development of Cyber Security competence.

Being a security evangelist, we embrace collaboration in the Alliance’s initiatives. One of them is developing a network of security-minded organizations. The purpose is to unite security intelligence techniques to protect partner networks. Over 120 partners and 90 facilitators take part in this initiative. Facilitators are public or media organizations. They expand the reach of the Alliance’s activities. Together, they make a valuable contribution to building a cyber-safe business environment.

Cyber Security is a growing concern worldwide. Digital transformation challenges push the world communities to global consolidation against cyber threats. The Cyber Security Alliance now is a reputable expertise-sharing gateway in the Cyber Security field.

Joining the Cyber Security Alliance takes Infopulse to the next level in the global security process.

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