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    Dec 17, 2019

    Case study: Building a unified environment to implement a group of security standards

    Infopulse SCM aligns compliance strategy across the business, services, geographic locations with flexible adjustment to any industry-specific regulation updates or changes. It efficiently addresses geographic issues to secure the entire supply chain.


    Leading EU-based IT service and software provider with 8000+ employees

    Business Challenge

    • Facilitate and optimize compliance and risk management processes.
    • Manage a big and ever-increasing number of compliance requirements.
    • Eliminate fragmented compliance systems.
    • Consolidate all compliance-related data within one system.
    • Implement various security, privacy and quality requirements based on best practices.

    How we helped:

    • Development of individual standard requirement modules to further upload to SCM.
    • Building a cyber-threats catalog to evaluate and manage associated security risks.
    • Adding SCM functionality to facilitate selection of appropriate requirements and relevant cybersecurity measures.
    • Integration with the 3rd party solutions.

    Business Value:

    • Reduced task processing time.
    • Decreased probability of human errors.
    • Minimized resources engagement.
    • Opportunity to flexibly adjust the requirements in line with the recent changes.
    • Comprehensive risk assessment process involving increased efficiency of requirement definition and compliance checks.
    • Achieved cybersecurity and compliance level.
    • Comprehensive reporting on the IT asset (object) security status.

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