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  • ISMS & DSMS & Risk Management
  • Supporting multiple standards and regulations
  • Cloud & on-premise
  • Integrated with Microsoft Azure, SAP, AWS, Atlassian Jira, FNT Command, I do-it
Presenting innovative compliance solutions at it-sa
Information security copilot: integrating GPT into the ISMS software using Azure AI  

The Information Security Copilot based on a GPT technology allows collecting crucial information and generating concrete tasks to fulfil IT security requirements or mitigate risks.  

  • Uses existing asset and standards information to ask context-specific questions, filling  missing or incomplete data 
  • Offers actionable tasks based on gathered information helping IT managers in complying with the requirements of standard and regulations. 
  • The AI chatbot answers queries about information security and data protection standards, and how to implement them via Compliance Aspekte software. 
Information security management solutions for Microsoft Azure-based infrastructures

Compliance Aspekte allows organizations  building ISMS and DPMS around their Azure IT-infrastructure: 


  • Extracting essential information about IT assets from Azure like virtual machines, applications, services, users, etc. 
  • Assigning requirements and relevant threats from BSI C5, BSI IT Grundschutz, ISO/IEC 27001, and other regulations to Azure IT assets, enabling compliance and risk management. 
  • Monitoring changes in Azure IT infrastructure, creates summaries, and notifies responsible parties of changes 
  • Logically connecting assets to create dependency graphs to manage business continuity 
Integration with SAP security

Compliance Aspekte integrates with SAP to extract data such as Users, Roles, Transactions, Authorization objects and other items used for SAP security configuration. 

 Once the information about security-related assets is integrated into Compliance Aspekte, the platform assigns best practices, monitors changes , provides visibility into the best and worst practices, crucial for identifying deviations. 

  • Best practices mapping: For every type of asset, the system assigns relevant actions to ensure security by implementing specific guidelines and best practices for examples those provided by BSI (APP.4.2: SAP-ERP-System), DSAG or other. 
  • Active monitoring: The Compliance Aspekte Mail Bot monitors changes within set intervals, such as between the current and previous weeks. It tracks all updates in  in security-related assets, such as introduction of new users or modifications in user roles. 
  • Insightful Reports: The system provides easy-to-read views and reports that help to identify both effective patterns and undesirable anti-patterns in security configurations. 

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