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    Compliance Aspekte & i-doit

    When Compliance Meets Asset Management

    Compliance Aspekte & i-doit:  reaching a powerful synergy between compliance and asset management

    No matter the size, many companies often suffer from the lack of symbiosis between compliance and asset management. It creates data silos within departments that result in extra costs and prevent businesses from getting additional value.

    This usually stems from poor connections between a company’s compliance and asset management solutions. To overcome the obstacle and help companies reach their full potential, Compliance Aspekte offers seamless integration with i-doit, the IT asset management system.

    Benefits of the Compliance Aspekte & i-doit Integration

    • Single entry point

    To manage compliance and asset management, Compliance Aspekte provides seamless integration in a single information environment.

    • Avoiding double data entry and maintenance

    The integration eliminates the need for double data entry, all asset management data are managed once in i-doit (and automatically transferred to Compliance Manager), while all compliance data are managed in Compliance Aspekte (and automatically transferred to the i-doit Asset management).

    • Time-efficiency

    Save time by minimizing data entry and possible manual data input as well as straightforward data collection from external parties and systems.

    • Strong analytics

    Have a complete overview of your compliance and asset management activities with fast data extraction and analysis in Dashboards and Reports.

    • Ensuring compliance & asset management across the organization

    The integration dramatically reduces the administrative burden and enables you to control and manage all compliance & asset management activities across departments and offices in the centralized software environment.

    About i-doit

    i-doit is a leading software solution for IT documentation and CMDB provided by a Germany-based company synetics GmbH, with more than 25+ years of experience in the industry. i-doit is a customizable tool that gives you a 260-degree view of IT documentation. Document your administration, compliance, NIS, security, technology, and services in a single solution.

    About Compliance Aspekte

    With over 30 years of information technology experience, Compliance Aspekte provides comprehensive software solutions and IT consulting services to its customers in 30+ countries worldwide. The Infopulse Standards Compliance Manager (Infopulse SCM) is a collaborative platform to manage governance, risk management, and IT compliance activities.

    Request the Compliance Aspekte & i-doit Integration Whitepaper to:

    • Discover how the seamless Compliance Aspekte and i-doit integration saves time, reduces costs, simplifies data collection, and reaches your company’s highest potential in compliance and asset management. 
    • Find out how to create and handle IT and non-IT assets and quickly transfer them to the compliance solution for further risk analysis and assessment.  
    • Get insights on how to use Compliance Aspekte and i-doit in your company effectively: simplify compliance across all departments and offices, avoid data silos, etc.

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    SCM and i-doit integration solution

    Save time, avoid multiple data entry sessions, collect data from external stakeholders safely and do more about your IT asset and compliance management with one platform. With the integrated solution you will be able to conveniently monitor asset and compliance statuses in a single place.